Tier 1 (General) - HSMP
Tier 2 (General) - Work Permit
Tier 1 - Post Study Work (PSW)
Point based dependents.
Further Leave to Remain (FLR - O)
Further leave to remain under immigration employment document - FLR (IED)
Indefinite leave to remain on the basis of marriage - SET (M)

Welcome to Premium Service Courier, your source for all Same Day courier services for immigration paperwork.

We save you time and money by providing all of the legwork between you and the Home Office. We come to you to collect all the documents and applications, take and submit them to the Home Office, and bring the results back to you. Instead of losing a staff person for a full day to this process, you get a full of productivity from her in the office.

We work exclusively with Solicitors, registered immigration representatives and law firms to get all immigration paperwork processed quickly and efficiently.

We understand and share your commitment to providing excellent service to the people you represent, and operate as an extension of you on behalf of your clients.

Premium Service Courier benefits:
We pick up, file and return the documents securely, safely and quickly.
Your firm saves valuable staff time.
No trips for you or your staff to the Home Office in cold, snow, wet and rainy weather.
No more wasted staff time standing in a long queue for security screening, search or depositing the Home Office fee.
Reasonable, competitive rates, including a flat fee for unlimited applications.

For more information about Premium Service Courier, please visit our Services page. Contact us any time to discuss your specific needs and objectives and how we can help you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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